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This App manages the graphic HMI interface (man/machine), designed by EPSITEC to control his devices with ANDROID OS

This App manages the graphic HMI interface (man/machine), designed by EPSITEC to control his devices with iPhone and iPad.

NOTE : due to Apple restriction of bluetooth connectivity only to IOs (Mfi Made for Ios) certificated devices, in some cases (last released smartphone) the bluetooth “HC-06” chip of ESC regulator might be not detected.

Should your IOs device has this problem, we recomend the use of an Android device.

Once downloaded, install the application on your device, then follow this steps:

1 check the bluetooth is swiched on !! ON

check electrical supply and switch ON
the Electronic Flow Control ESC

3 run Remote XY application TAP

the first connection of the application displays no run icon.
To connect and start ESC Control interface, push
icon in the upper right corner.


This enter the bluetooth available devices display,
set the bluetooth switch ON, select HC-06 device (or HC-05).
If HC-06 is not displayed,
enter the devices search by pressing the update button.



Select device HC-06 (or HC-05);
at the first connection the passkey is required :
digit 1234 or 0000 then enter OK.


the device will connects and sends the control graphic interface, opened in the main page (Controls); switching on BT Control the ESC control is set by the “Flow Control Slider” present on the interface.
WARNING : this operation set ESC control by the “Flow Control Slider” instead of via analog input signal; before to exit the bluetooth interface, always reset the switch to “signal control”, or this will be not effective. In case of exit without resetting the “signal control”, this could be resetted by pressing the “Reset” button placed on ESC front.

When the bluetooth connection is running, the LED bar “FLOW”,
indicating the the ESC opening position, is flashing, and when the control is made via bluetooth interface (switch on “BT Control”), the blue LED is on.


After the first connection, a new launch of Remote XY app will display the HC-06 icon. It is possible to select the name, the color and symbol of the icon. To do this, enter the “Device Setting” menu by pressing the icon.

The “Device Setting” allows to set :
• Name          
• Icon           
• Button color

this is a sample of customized icon

Remote XY app allows the connection of more ESC controller (and others EPSITEC products) easing the devices selection and start by customizing the related icon.