Pneumatic Lines Information Systems, pneumatic data acquisition, data analysis and energetic costs calculation


Epsitec is Italian distributor of CKD Corporation (Nagoya JP).
Expeerience coming from many collaborations with machines manufacturers, plants manufacturers etc.., leads us to offer hardware and software solutions that integrate and exploit the best features of CKD pneumatic components with application programs developed by our Industrial Software dpt.ยง
he main solutions developed are: collecting and analyzing data of compressed air loads and related energy, monitoring of temperature, pressure , flow sensors etc., automatic balancing systems for pneumatic actuators, sw. control sw. for electro-pneumatic machines for handling arms with automatic load balancing, leak testing systems, obstacle detection sw. for pneumatic handling and many other custom solutions. Our technicians are at your disposal to analyze and evaluate all requirements about pneumatic components and any Sw. for control, data acquisition and monitoring of machines and processes your are looking for.